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If you’re one of those people who chase instant gratification, hunt down the latest technology, and enjoy the bombardment of sound, colour, and smell, this is not your product. If you’re one of those people who choose to wake up in the morning and express gratitude for being alive, if you savour your cup of coffee in the morning, dance in the rain, and close your eyes with your face into the sun, than this product is for you. Each ingredient is given careful consideration before being added to the final product. If you want to learn more about my process and how to be more mindful of the products you consume, follow me on my blog.

Under Construction. Etsy link coming in September for my hard launch.


The Fugly Bar – An exfoliating goat milk mechanic soap with orange for degreasing, this soap is ready to clean up some grime. This bar is available now and is debuting at $6.00 CAD.

Lady Godiva – Available now in all her natural glory, Lady Godiva is a vegan, moisturizing soap with no scent and no colour for the sensitive consumer. A great lathering soap, this bar is debuting at $5.00 CAD.

The Happy Hippie – Built like Lady Godiva with a great lather, and the addition of botanical colour, she has the scent of orange patchouli and is available now. The Happy Hippie is debuting at $6.00 CAD.

The Heart of Ta Fiti -This exfoliating goat milk, sea salt soap is coloured with botanicals and smells like the ocean. Only a few are left of the first run (with the orange stamp) and more to follow (of the uncoloured stamp) starting July 11. This soap is more than excited to debut at $6.00 CAD.

Rip Van Winkle – This is a chamomile tea soap with lavender scent made for bringing sweet dreams. As seen, there are colour variations in these bars. Only a limited number of the red bar are left and available now. The cream-coloured soaps become available June 18. Rip Van Winkle is debuting at $6.00 CAD.

Misty Mountain – This greyish soap, with a cedarwood woodsy scent, is like walking through a misty mountain woodlands in the early morning. As seen, there are colour variations in these bars and there are quite a few available now. More will be ready July 4. Misty Mountain is debuting at $8.00 CAD.

Koala Dreams – This minty, eucalyptus soap is a koala’s dream. This bar is available June 19 and is debuting at $6.00 CAD.

Wild Woman for Oily Hair – This is a shampoo bar that uses nettle infused oil, a special blend of essential oils for oily hair, and rosemary floral water. This black haired beauty is available July 5 and debuts at $10.00 CAD.

Wild Woman for All Hair – A great shampoo bar for all hair types. With the amazing smell of rosemary, herb infused oils to bring out the best in any hair type, and using rosemary floral water, this shampoo bar is sure to impress. This golden haired beauty is available starting June 18 and is debuting at $10.00 CAD.

Wild Woman for Dry Hair – A great shampoo bar for dry hair and like the all hair shampoo bar, uses rosemary floral water. Using it’s own special blend of herbal infused oils for dry hair, and a special blend of essential oils, you will be impressed at how soft and manageable your hair will be. This red haired beauty is available now and debuting at $10.00 CAD.

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