About Our Product

If you’re one of those people who chase instant gratification, hunt down the latest technology, and enjoy the bombardment of sound, colour, and smell, this is not your product. If you’re one of those people who choose to wake up in the morning and express gratitude for being alive, if you savour your cup of coffee in the morning, dance in the rain, and close your eyes with your face into the sun, than this product is for you. Each ingredient is given careful consideration before being added to the final product. If you want to learn more about my process and how to be more mindful of the products you consume, read the information I posted on the benefits of each ingredient in skin and health care on my Product Information page.

*DISCLAIMER: Each product has been notified to Health Canada however, any information I provide is for educational purposes only and I am making no health claims with my product. In regards to the health benefits of essential oils, herbs, and spices, this is a relatively new area of research.

***IF any soap you see here is not available yet, please email me from the homepage and I will put your name down to receive an order when it is ready. You will receive a 10% discount if what you want is not currently in stock.

Wild Woman’s Soaps

The Fugly Bar

SOLD OUT! More ready by end of October.

The Fugly Bar – With a face only a mother could love, this exfoliating goat milk mechanic soap, with orange for degreasing, is ready to clean up some grime. Goat milk has a higher fat content and locks in moisture providing a more moisturizing soap bar.

$9.45 Buy now

Lady Godiva

Earthing (vegan) – Both our bodies and the earth are electrical systems, energy. The practice of placing our bare feet against the Earth is called earthing or grounding. In essence, reboots our electrical system. Science is starting to show this practice can reduce inflammation, pain, fatigue, poor sleep, and stress. The soap, Earthing, like our feet when we practice earthing, is the bare essentials. Even though my products are all botanical, I keep in mind there are those of us sensitive even to these and offer an option for the highly sensitive. This also makes an excellent baby soap.

$8.00 Buy now

The Happy Hippie

SOLD OUT! More ready be end of October.

The Happie Hippie (vegan) – This soap smells of orange and patchouli, the predominate smell of the 60’s when the hippy movement made in roads to discover the heights of spirituality with psychedelics.

$9.15 Buy now

3 Left! More available end of Oct.

Harmony – This exfoliating goats milk, and water with salt to simulate sea brine, smells like a walk on the beach in the morning with sea spray in the air and left rough cut like ocean waves. This soap is coloured with green clay and uses a kelp olive oil infusion to give it the light green colour of green ocean waters.

$10.85 Buy now

Cosmic Journey

SOLD OUT! More ready by end of October.

Cosmic JourneyLavender, the scent of Cosmic Journey, spiritually represents serenity, grace, and calmness. Lavender assures us we are on the right path not unlike a cosmic journey.

$8.70 Buy now

Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain – A mountain spiritually represents challenges and obstacles and is associated with perseverance and mental strength to overcome them. Mist represents a lack of clarity and what we travel through to come out the other side to understand greater spiritual truths. The soap, Misty Mountain, smells of cedarwood and other evergreens reminding us of a misty morning in the mountains.

$10.85 Buy now

Koala Dreams

Awakening – There are over 700 species of the eucalyptus tree, most of them native to Australia. The name comes from the Greek “Eu” meaning “well”, and “kaluptos” meaning “conceal” to bring us well-concealed. Since the evergreen eucalyptus tree regularly sheds away its bark, and can burst into fiery explosions from oil glands on its leaves when exposed to fire, we are reminded how we too can strip away our fears and embrace our truth. In short, to awaken. This soap, Awakening, smells of eucalyptus groves and minty air.

$8.15 Buy now

Pot O' Gold

*OCT 18th! to be joined by an adult sized version so kids can have a soap like mom and/or dad or it can be used as a facial soap.

Joy – These fun, kid-sized, citrusy little coins of goats milk and honey goodness brings a zest to your day.

$2.00 Buy now

Danu's Garden

Danu’s Garden – Danu is the Celtic earth-mother goddess. In this soap exfoliating bag is a blend of soap shavings from the various soaps and shampoo bars available in my Wild Woman’s collection. Enjoy Danu’s bounty!

$4.00 Buy now


1 LEFT! More available Oct. 18th.

Purification – This calendula/sage infused oil soap is scented with lemongrass. Coffee grounds make for an exfoliation in this bar created to deodorize and clean.

$9.30 Buy now

Sacred Space

3 Left! More ready end of Oct.

Sacred Space – This rose geranium and patchouli scented soap brings you to a sacred space of meditating in a garden. This goats milk soap also uses rose geranium floral water and a special blend of essential oils for its floral scent.

$10.00 Buy now

REIL ABUNDANCE COMING SEPT. 24th! A mead, goat milk soap that uses tumeric infused oil. It’s sweet smell of ylang ylang and lemon reminds you of a beeswax comb dripping with honey.

Wild Woman’s “GET WILD” Hair Care Products for Men and Women

Wild Woman for Dry Hair

GET WILD” for Dry Hair – This red haired beauty is a great shampoo bar for dry hair using olive oil infused with rosemary, comfrey, and marjoram and a rosemary water. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation leading to good scalp health, comfrey adds sheen and volume to your hair, and marjoram strengthens hair follicles. A special blend of essential oils including peppermint helps to stimulate hair growth.

$10.75 Buy now

"GET WILD" for All Hair

SOLD OUT! More ready end of Oct.

“GET WILD” for All Hair – This golden haired beauty is made with rosemary water and olive oil infused with rosemary, comfrey, and nettle. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation leading to a healthy scalp, nettle is an astringent to refresh the scalp, and comfrey adds sheen and volume to your hair. A special blend of essential oils includes cedarwood which increases blood flow bringing nourishment to your hair follicles.

$10.15 Buy now

"GET WILD" for Oily Hair

“GET WILD” for Oily Hair – This black haired beauty is made with rosemary water and nettle infused olive oil. Rosemary and nettle are said to help with hair growth. Rosemary stimulates circulation of blood in the scalp which leads to good scalp health. Nettle has astringent properties which refresh the scalp and get rid of excessive oiliness. Finally, a special blend of essential oils are added for healthy hair including grapefruit which controls sebum production leading to less oily hair.

$9.90 Buy now

"GET WILD" for Thinning Hair

“GET WILD” for Thinning Hair – This brown haired beauty uses rosemary floral water and clary sage, lemon and other essential oils (see essential oil properties). An olive oil horsetail infusion helps promote hair growth due to horsetails silicon and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help reduce microinflammation and aging of hair fibres due to free radicals. The high silicon content results in a lower hair loss rate and increased brightness.

$10.85 Buy now

“GET WILD” Hair Rinse – This apple cider vinegar and specially formulated essential oil blend helps bring your hair back into balance. One of the qualities of apple cider vinegar is restoring your hair’s natural Ph balance. Lemongrass, as one of the essential oils, helps to promote hair growth. Please follow the instructions. This rinse needs to be diluted with preferably distilled water before use.

$5.25 Buy now

“GET WILD” Hot Oil Treatment – This specially formulated blend of carrier oils, and the bhringraj herb from East India, creates a nourishing oil treatment for your hair. Bhringraj is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help control dandruff, stop premature greying, and keeps hair shiny. This herb is great for the wild men and women of my tribe. Used with the “GET WILD” Hair Rinse and your shampoo bar of choice (sold as a package), you can enjoy healthy and luxurious hair.

$9.05 Buy now

GET WILD” Hair Care System – Your choice of a “GET WILD” shampoo bar, the “GET WILD” Hair Rinse, and the “GET WILD” Hot Oil Treatment come as a “GET WILD” Hair Care System or can be sold separately. Together, a hair system that creates hair you will love.

$23.50 Buy now

GET WILD” Root Lifter – This 8 oz blend of herbs and essential oils not only gives you great hair volume, it nourishes your hair while doing it. This is a great addition to any hair care regime. See my other “GET WILD” hair care products which complement this hair volumizer.

$7.20 Buy now

"GET WILD" Detangler

“GET WILD” Detangler – Made with marshmallow root and essential oils, this sprays into your hair after a shower and helps you comb through your hair. Also, try using it on dry hair to reduce static, tame cowlicks, and help control flyaway hair.

$4.80 Buy now

Wild Woman’s “GET WILD AND WOOLY” Men’s Beard Care

***Keep an eye out here. More products like beard balm, beard butter, and a beard shampoo bar are being added.


“GET WILD AND WOOLY” Beard Oil – LONGEVITY – This beard oil is made with argan, jojoba, and coconut oil. With a special blend of essential oils, this beard oil is perfect for applying at night and letting it sit to condition your beard and skin. If needed, it can be applied in the morning after your shower, and sometimes during the day if it is really dry.

$15.50 Buy now


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