“GET WILD” Tribe Newsletter

Welcome to the “GET WILD” tribe. Here is where you will find information on the aesthetics, sometimes medicinal, and always spiritual information behind the botanicals I use in my soaps. There will also be a place for you to give me your input and learn how to “GET WILD” yourself.

The Wisdom of Water

In some ways, this newsletter will have the echoes of a blog except that here, in the newsletter, I will write of the different ingredients I use in my soap and in my blog of ramblings of my journey. Today, we learn about water, the wisdom of water, and the encompassing way it envelopes our lives. I write about water because it is one of the primary ingredients of my soaps and sundries.

Dr. Masaru Emoto researched the consciousness of water and found that human thoughts, words, sounds, and intentions affect the crystalline structure of water molecules. When the intention of benevolence was passed onto the water, the crystalline structure was sharp and pure. When the intention was malice, the crystalline structure ceased to exist. What intrigues me is how the earth itself is 71% water and we are 45% to 75% water. I also find it interesting that the moon affects the tides in the ocean and have to wonder how it affects us as humans with a high water content almost matching the water on earth. Can there be such a thing as lunar sensitivity?

In my soaps I use some form of liquid to create a lye solution that will get mixed with my fats and butters to go through a process called saponification which creates the soap. No matter which liquid I use, water forms the base of it. Scientifically, water is a closed system which means all the water here on earth is water that has been here since the beginning of time. If water could talk, what would it say?

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