Born, raised, and residing in Southern Alberta, I live in a small town near the Rockies and get to enjoy the best of the mountains and the prairies.

My World

I worked as an educational assistant in the public school system, as a care worker in a group home for developmentally delayed young adults, and as a floor worker in a youth shelter working with children aged 0-17 in crises. I have an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology, and recently graduated with a certification in Addiction Counseling. Additionally, I am certified as an end of life doula and I am a Level 2 Reiki energy healer. My studies have centered around trauma and how adverse childhood experiences and trauma affect physical health and increase the risk for addictions in adult life.

I have spent my life knowing I had a purpose and I have struggled to understand what that purpose is. I operate under the idea that when one door closes, another one opens and that is the door to walk through. As the pandemic hit and restrictions were put in place, my world fell apart. I gave up a relationship and a career to step into the unknown. I put my faith in the Divine and trusted I would be led to where I was needed. As a fan of Gabor Mate, I resonated with his message of attachment versus authenticity. I knew my answers lay in my authenticity and I chose to embrace this regardless of consequences or where it took me.

In a weird series of events, I became a soap maker. I still can’t see the bigger picture, but I’m not meant too. I am understanding that part of embracing my authenticity is to learn how to be playful and find joy in life. There are two forces in life. There is the dark and destruction and there is the light and creativity. This path I was led to allows me to be creative and, in doing so, I have found the joy in life I had as a child and lost along the way. As I move through this process I realize that it is a small part of me being a healer. Not just for myself, or for others, but for the Earth as well. Part of my purpose is to nurture the Earth and teach others how to do that. This is only the beginning.


Nature Photography



Virtual Boxing

“The universe is a single atom: the convergence of science and spirituality.” Dalai Lama

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