Quantum Entanglement

It is true the idea of vibration and frequency in all things is a fringe science at best and a pseudoscience at worst. Just imagine, at one time in history so was the idea the sun was at the centre and the plants orbited around the sun, the idea the earth was flat, and the idea of being held in place here on earth not by gravity but, by a natural state of things. By far, my most favourite example is the Higgs boson (God particle) hypothesized 40 years ago putting its theorists at the edge of the scientific community. Imagine how Peter Higg’s felt watching the Hadron Collider prove the existence of a theory he established 40 years earlier.

That brings us to quantum entanglement and the idea that vibration and frequency are all around us in the plants, the crystals, the waters, the animals, and, in us. Quantum entanglement is when two atoms can be across any distance small or large, and when one atom is disturbed, the other exhibits the same reaction at the same time. This idea suggests we are all indeed connected and there is a oneness in the universe. I think by far the best book I have read on the topic is Joseph Selbie’s, The Physics of God. So, if everything is made of atoms and these atoms vibrate, than it would be reasonable to assume there is truth in the idea of long distance energy healing, crystals, essential oils, and yes, even our words whether we call them spells, prayer, meditation, or chanting. It is a heady thought.

There will always be naysayers. In my life I have learned you don’t need to convert the converted, you can’t convert the naysayers, but, the ones in the middle who are truly open-minded and willing to listen, they are the truth seekers, the ones who are willing to hunt down what resonates in their soul regardless of what others think. Once the idea of quantum entanglement and spirituality has resonated with your soul, the real journey begins. A journey where you have to dismantle everything you ever knew and everything you ever believed and form new ideas. You must suspend your reality to be open to this journey and that is the mark of a courageous soul.

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