Frequency and Vibration

In my biography, on the About page, I mentioned the conscious decision to choose authenticity over attachment. So, there are nights I have problems sleeping and my mind rambles down the rabbit hole. This is one of those nights, and I pondered why I chose attachment over authenticity. The answer was so simple I am surprised I didn’t come to this conclusion sooner.

I had equated attachment to love and that is a limiting belief. One has nothing to do with the other and attachment is a tool, a biological function, that ensures our survival, just as Gabor Mate says in his words. Love, on the other hand, is an energy and our understanding of it allows us to see how we are all connected to the greater whole. This YouTube video sums up the two energies love vs fear, love being a high vibration and fear being a low vibration. They cannot co-exist, so you either have fear without love or, you have love without fear.

Love vs Fear

I hung onto attachment because of fear. Fear of abandonment, fear of being lonely, fear of being rejected, fear of not being good enough, unworthy, and unloved. It meant I didn’t have faith in the bigger picture. When you invite in the Divine, the angels, and the ancestors, you’re never alone. The abundance of the Universe is unlimited and it is yours for the having. However, like the video says, we are programmed, and some of us can’t see past the program, so they stay in fear. It does not mean we have to buy into their fear, all we need to do is be an example of love. Also, bear in mind, self-love is the ability to stand in your power and your truth and set healthy boundaries so their fear doesn’t invade your space of love. In understanding I am never alone, abundance is mine. When I realize I have everything I need, I am able to have faith. Faith the Divine will lead me where I need to go on my soul path in love. Understanding this is a freeing concept as it more fully allows me to choose my authenticity.

And this brings us to a myriad of topics on vibration and frequency to include sacred geometry, colours, sound, energy healing, memories of water, the healing energy of plants, quantum entanglement, and the physics of God. Each one of these topics will be a blog post here over the next few weeks. So, if you’re interested, keep coming back and follow me down and through the rabbit hole. The only requirement to go on this journey is to suspend everything you thought you never knew and be prepared to shed limiting beliefs you probably don’t know you have.

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